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Mindful Massage is about  bringing the practice of mindfulness to massage. It is my intention to be present in each moment of your visit, from intake to departure, so that I can intuitively respond to your individual needs. 

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point or a combination of all three, each massage is catered to your personal needs.


Swedish massage uses long relaxing strokes with light to firm pressure. Considered the most relaxing of massage styles, this can be very healing.

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Deep Tissue/Trigger Point

Slow, deep, specific. While Swedish massage manipulates muscle groups, Deep Tissue works on specific muscles within groups. This is especially good for tight, tense muscles.

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Signature Massage

This uses a combination of styles to fit your specific needs. Using Swedish, Deep Tissue, some fascial manipulation and occasionally Trigger Point, this massage will be uniquely yours. 

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